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How to Really Experience India ?

  • India Group Tours

    Experience the mesmerizing culture and ancient heritage of India with Vacations International’s extensive range of group tours to India, private journeys, tailor-made holidays...Read More
  • India Private Tours

    Our private tours allow you to get off the beaten track and travel at your own pace on a holiday that can be tailored to suit your requirements. With well-planned...Read More
  • India Custom Tours

    Experience the charm of India on a holiday designed especially for you! Our expert holiday planners can combine carefully selected locations that will ensure a ...Read More
  • India Wildlife Tours

    India is a great place to explore some of the finest national parks. Its varying climatic regions allows for an abundant variety of flora, fauna and wildlife. ...Read More
  • India Festival Tours

    Immerse yourself in a rich experience through a range of exciting, unusual and unique adventures with our collection of Festival Tours which offer classic...Read More
  • India Rejuvenation Tours

    Vacations International brings to you the healing, curative and rejuvenating powers of Ayurveda, Yoga and Spa. The origin of Ayurveda and Yoga can be...Read More
  • Taste of India Tours

    The land of the Taj Mahal and the Tiger is also well known for its curries, teas and ayurvedic spas and massages! For lovers of Indian food, we offer a cooking...Read More
  • India Adventure Tours

    Experience the thrill of White Water Rafting down the mighty river Ganges, Stay on the beautiful White Sand Beaches and Trek your way to the highest point...Read More
  • Nepal and Tibet Tours

    Vacations International invites you to explore the ancient and enchanting lands of Nepal and Tibet. Walk the Temple lined streets of Kathmandu or relax at scenic ...Read More
  • Nepal Trekking Tours

    Vacations International brings to you carefully planned trekking tours which will let you experience the mesmerizing beauty and grandeur of Nepalese...Read More
  • Group Tours to Sri Lanka

    Our Group tours are best for those visiting Sri Lanka for the first time. These well defined tours are created after much planning and thought. You will have a ...Read More
  • Private Tours of Sri Lanka

    Our private tours let you get off the beaten track and explore at your own pace on a holiday that can be customized to your requirements. Vacations International’s well-planned itineraries cover ...Read More
  • Custom holidays to Sri Lanka

    Nowhere else will you find so much packed in a place so small. Sri Lanka often referred to as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean can charm even the most demanding...Read More
  • Bhutan Whirlwind Tour

    Bhutan - the last remaining “Shangri La”, “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” is a world apart. An enchanting land which has only recently opened its doors to...Read More
  • Bhutan Culture Tour

    Discover the spectacular scenery and hospitable charm at the Land of the Thunder Dragon - Kingdom of Bhutan! A small landlocked country nestled in the mighty ...Read More
  • Enchanting Bhutan Tour

    Explore the enchanting land of Bhutan with this unique tour that covers famous destinations and discover a world so unlike any other. Experience the unique culture,...Read More
  • Incredible Bhutan Tour

    Take a shortcut to Nirvana. Explore Bhutan - an ancient civilization where Rice is Red and Chili is considered a vegetable, Penises adorn the doors and tobacco is banned ...Read More
  • Splendors of Bhutan Tour

    Kingdom of Bhutan, a mystical land lost in time is home to an ancient civilization that has preserved its roots to emerge as the most amazing travel destination...Read More
  • Nepal and Bhutan Tour

    Experience the unique culture and heritage of ancient lands of Nepal & Bhutan, explore grand temples, legendry monasteries, beautiful palaces and the splendid ...Read More