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Vacations International was established in 1998 with objective of providing travelers with perfect holidays. We are widely recognized as one of the specialist tour companies offering tours to exotic destinations around the World.

Vacations International, Inc. takes pride in offering you, the world traveler, a uniquely different tour experience to India and the South Asian subcontinent! Established in India in 1998 and opening a US office in 2003, Vacations International has been providing American travelers with the highest quality guides and accommodations at competitive prices. Our travel experts, with their wealth of travel experience and access to the latest travel technologies, can assist you in finding the right tour at the right price for your budget. Our team of travel experts has nearly 15 years... read more »

Trekking & hiking holidays

Nepal the land of the Himalayas offers the ultimate mountain country. Its exotic reputation with its incomparable blend of high mountains, Adrenalin Rivers and the rich traditional culture makes Nepal magnificent holiday destination. Its dramatic festivals, temples, mountains and the breathtaking scenery portray Nepal a jewel of the Himalayas.

Trekking & hiking holidays

Surrounded and know as landlocked country situated in the eastern part of the Himalayas is the only country to have officially rated no 1 in the Gross National Happiness. Blessed with nature, Lush green forest, high mountains, monasteries, valleys, rivers makes it the most unique destination in the region

Trekking & hiking holidays

Popularly known as Shangri-La in westerners. A high altitude place is the traditional home for the Tibetans People who visit here are tending to fall in love with its beauty and charm. This is the reason why more and more people are moving towards this country and enjoy its spotless beauty. Very few know that independent travel is prohibited in Tibet...

Trekking & hiking holidays

This island country is blessed with golden beaches washed with aquamarine waves and eternal sunshine. You will enter a time when men tamed the rocks filled the ocean and built cities in the sky. A wild and untamed Sri Lanka filled with natural wonders, For a mind free of its cankers and a body free of its pains discover a country filled with the essence of a paradise.

Trekking & hiking holidays

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